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🤔Why Should You Care About Personal Branding?

Why Should You Care About Personal Branding?

Are you branding yourself correctly?

Branding in todays on line market is such an important step.

People will only buy from those that they Like, Trust and Know!

This is where "Branding" comes into play.

Without it, you are spinning your wheels against everyone else selling the same old thing!

Why should you care about Personal Branding at all?

People don’t do business with companies.

They do business with people they like.

We have relationships based on trust and mutual connections.

There’s just something about a connection with a human being that creates a level of endearment and customer loyalty beyond any relationship a company could ever reach.

The strong bonds people have with one another can’t be overestimated.

Even big companies have people whose personalities serve to advance their brand’s mission.

Apple had Steve Jobs, Tesla has Elon Musk, and Virgin has Richard Branson.

If you’re a small business owner, then this persona is probably you.

If you’re in the marketing department, it’s probably one of the executives.

Even if you work for a company as an employee, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t build your own personal brand.

As a CEO, business owner, or founder, your personal brand serves as a huge asset that can grow your company both publicly and internally. Maybe you never see people many levels down from you, but they can listen to your podcast, view your youtube video or read your blog and find out exactly who they work for and what you believe.

Whether you work for or lead a company, you’ll become known simply by putting yourself out in public and allowing your thoughts to be known. People will start listening to you and may find value in what you have to say. The power of that human connection can potentially lead to more opportunity for you and your company.

Having a personal brand makes you more successful. Here are some reasons why you need to have an excellent personal brand if you are in the quest for success.

1. Let the opportunity find you:

When your brand is deep and profound, your customers, clients, vendors, and companies looking to hire you or your services will find you and reach out to you.

2. Online Networking Power:

Make your brand work for you. People find you interesting and desirable when you have a fascinating personal brand and they are willing to connect with you. Don’t be surprised when you get dozens of Linkedin or Twitter connections every day when your personal brand is top-notch.

3. In-Person Networking Power:

You would have many aspects of your brand (Personal and professional) to share when you are at a networking event. It is this that makes people want to connect with you and do business with you. You can demonstrate proficiency and also back it up with online assets on topics such as entrepreneurship, blogging, speaking skill, Social media, etc.

4. Build your business:

It is a given that clients, customers, and vendors are more likely to do business with a company when the leader has a superb personal brand. All the tech giants we know of today, business people, celebrities are all on the pedestal of success due to their personal brands.

5. A personal brand helps in hiring:

A majority of hiring managers use social media to hire. As per a recent survey, 96 % of hiring managers used Linkedin, 53 % used Twitter, while 66 % of them also used Facebook to hire. Hiring managers are trying to find out more about the candidate than just what’s on their resume. They are doing this to understand whether the candidate is going to be an ideal fit in their corporate culture. For all this, Personal branding helps.

6. Platform to make new friends:

Maintaining a powerful personal brand helps you not only professionally, but also personally too. When your brand is fascinating, people would want to connect with you on a personal level. So bank on your personal brand to make you more friends.

Lastly, a personal brand is a never ending project that evolves and changes constantly. There can never be hard and set rules for creating a personal brand. But these generic guidelines mentioned above provide the first steps, particularly if you are starting a new brand.

🤔Why Should You Care About Personal Branding?


📃 About Vandana Nanda

📖 My Story : The Journey Thus Far

Vandana Nanda, is the Founder and CEO of Winbrand Academy, an Online Personal Branding and Digital Marketing School.

After working in the corporate world with IT and Education companies for over two and a half decades, Vandana decided to venture online in 2020 on a full time basis.

Working online with Time Freedom and Financial freedom has been a long cherished goal for her. Vandana has travelled the world and experienced both extremes of life , going from being a successful corporate executive and a homemaker to being a single parent and bringing up two young children while also focussing on a full time corporate job.

She has been able to bounce back, learn new skills and continue on her path to achieving Financial and Time Freedom. She has made it her mission to achieve financial freedom herself and also help thousands of people across the globe to find financial freedom by doing what they love. Through Winbrand Academy ,she is helping Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Brokers, Authors, Actors, Musicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Industry-Specific Professionals, and of course, people with a specific Passion from around the globe brand themselves.

Vandana’s purpose is to help people brand themselves as Leaders and Authorities in either their specific niche or in whatever their passion is while creating an income doing what they love.


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